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Be Proud of Who You Are

I made this last night!

I have a clear back iPhone case that I got at Meijer and I just cut out an index card and colored it then wrote on it in silver Sharpie.

^Well it looks AMAZING!^

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Cassie :: I love her with my heart. But…he began to love a man. Damn his soul. He took her away from me. I could draw her. I could write a book about her. I dream of her. But, I told her that I should stop being around her, to stop myself from falling deeper inlove with her. She got mad at me and now, she won’t even give me a passing glance.

Another :: I’m leaving the school next year. It’s official. But I mean, since the first time I saw her, I honestly thought: “Well this could go either way, she’s either a terrible person and really mean, or a fun loving, funny, smart person who just dresses amazingly.” So I decided, one day that I would just.. talk to her. “I LOVE YOU” yelled I. And to that she replied “OMG I love you to! What’s your name?”. And again, I said “Call me: Lover,” And it ended there for a few days. But when she walked by again, she was like “Seriously, what’s your name?”. I answered: “Call me Hannah.” From there we talked more and more, smoked a bit, and then she had a class with me. I’ve learned so much from her. And about myself because of her. I could draw her with my eyes closed, and write a novel about her, every small detail about her. 

I have terrible taste because she is also taken…


The person you love, like, adore and idolize is dating someone… Honestly, I just want to RAWRAERAFDSDGBFHGBDSGFSSDGFHSD 


Why is it that whenever anyone comes out of the closet, people either hand over money saying 'I knew it. Pay up,' or YOU FAGGOT. We can’t be friends anymore because you’re a fag. We are all people. We all have feelings. Don’t get me wrong. I came out of the closet in third grade. Don’t ask me why. Don’t tell me 'Oh you're too young to make a decision at that age'. I did and that’s that. I love my life even though there are nay sayers everywhere. Including my mother, father, peers, and society. But whenever I see a person coming out of the closet and people literally doing that in public. I can’t stand it.


Please be mature. Don’t laugh at fart jokes, or an actor’s ass. Saying that, I really want you to be funny. Please be creative but stern when need be. Be ready to get into fights. Love me for me. Please, future love of my life, be organised so I can be messy. I don’t want to be so sympatico that life is boring. I want to have fun and excitement in life. Please be understanding and loving and caring. Please be prepared. Don’t be stuck up or snooty. Please just…live life to the fullest. Don’t start rumours and don’t cheat. Don’t dump me for someone else. It would break my heart. Dear, future love, be you and I’ll love you with all my heart. 


I found out that people were saying things behind my back.

I am a human, it is true. But the girls in my P.E. class think otherwise. They see me as the lesbian who feels it necessary to watch women change. During that time, I thought I loved a girl very much. But honestly—How dare those girls say anything.

They do NOT know my story. Or why I became a lesbian in the first place. I cannot believe the arrogance in the generations we have today.

And to this I say….

Fuck. You. Ignorant. People.